Photo Editing


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Easy to use photo editor.
An app where you can edit your photos.
If you would like any new features, just add a comment and I will try my best.
– Invert
– Mirror(horizontal and vertical)
– Gray tone
– Channel mixer
– Gradient
– Rotation
– Crop
– Adjust light level
– Cartoon
– Color overlay
1.2 update
– Light adjust
– Edge detection
– Averaging
– Black edges
– Pixlate
– Sepia
– Saves pictures and restores them on any crash
1.3.2 update:
Minor update regarding communication with Boge development app. (Image Manager)
1.4 update:
Updated the file chooser, nicer ui and thumbnail for preview. You will now also be available to delete, rename, copy and upload to dropbox in the file chooser.
1.5 update:
Easier cropping
2.0 update:
Major update in performance
2.0.1 update:
Added feature for showing EXIF data + small bugs removal


10 NOK,-